About Us

We are thrilled that everyone who chooses our jewelry knows they are getting quality handcrafted items, many of which are one-of-a-kind.  Our favorite customers are those who are wearing and loving our creations, and who later come back to purchase another piece for themselves or for a gift, or just to say “hello”.                                                                                                        

Before we created JTF Jewelry we were employed by the State of Tennessee helping people find jobs or vocational training.  We were nearing retirement, with no specific plans for the future.

Then one Christmas, my daughter gave me two bracelets she had made.  The bracelets were too large for my small wrist, so I asked her to show me how to fix them.  My first thought after that was:  “Oh….I can do that!”  

Weeks later, I had made and given jewelry to all of my friends and co-workers.  My husband (Ed) looked over and saw a couch full of beaded bracelets and asked me what I planned to do with all of them.  My response….”I don’t know….sell them, I guess”.  And that’s how we got started in the handcrafted jewelry business!

We are aware that there are many “fads” in the jewelry business, Things that come and go rather quickly.  We choose to focus primarily on more classic designs that are timeless and can be worn through generations, but we also have several product lines that are more practical or whimsical.

When we started selling our jewelry, we found that one size truly does NOT fit all.  We solved that problem by offering bracelets and necklaces in a variety of lengths, and making “on the spot” changes to pieces that needed to be adjusted for proper fit.

Over the years, our customers have come to us with suggestions on items have been looking for but can’t find anywhere.  We really like to keep our customers happy, and have tried to learn the skills necessary to design and create what the customer wanted.  One perfect example of this is our Family Tree Pin.  It took a while, and a lot of experimentation to find a design I could replicate and customize quickly (on site at a craft show) that would also hang properly and not flop forward due to the weight of the branches when pinned to a garment.

We decided from the beginning to offer the best quality jewelry for the most reasonable prices, and our desire is to stand behind our merchandise.  If any customer had a problem with one of our pieces, we will “make it right”.

We offer a wide range of pricing, so just about everyone can afford to purchase that special gift or to indulge in something that makes them feel pretty.

It has been a long road, from basic beading, to learning to make earrings, learning to mount stones and cabochons in wire sculpted settings, figuring out how to make climbing vine earrings, and then starting to create my own kiln-fired fused and dichroic glass pendants. This process has drawn Ed and me together, whether we are setting up to sell jewelry at a craft show or working together at home making more jewelry,

But beyond the craft shows, our delight has been our Web customers.  When someone takes the time to visit our website, finds something they like, and sends in an order – that gives us  the opportunity to make something just for them, exactly the way they want it. The product goes in the mail with a minimum of turn-around time.

We spent about four years trying to find someone to rebuild our old website and install a shopping cart and a PayPal link to make things easier for our customers.  This new website is the result of those efforts.  We have tried to organize our product listings so specific items are easier to find, to offer lots of choices, to quickly customize your items, and to make shopping at JTF Jewelry an enjoyable experience for all.