14K Gold Filled Necklace Chain


Our selection here is for 18″ and 20″ 14k Gold filled Necklace chains.   You can choose from the 18″ Singapore (sometimes called a Disco chain),  a 20″ Box chain,  or an 18″ Rope chain.  These chains are delicate, and range from 1mm to 1.5mm wide.  Please make your selection below.

14k Gold Filled Necklace Chains

This is a collection of beautiful, delicate 14k Gold Filled necklace chains with prices ranging from $30 to $40.


Gold-filled chains are made by combining layers of 14Kt gold alloy with a base metal, usually brass. All the beauty of gold for only a fraction of the price. Gold-filled chain is known for its durability and can be worn by most people without reactions or difficulties.

Necklace Length Chart is below:


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