Baroque Freshwater Pearl Cluster Purple Iris Pendant


The deep Purple Iris coloring of this baroque freshwater pearl pendant includes Bronzy undertones, which make this pearl cluster quite distinctive.  I love the way the pearls grew together in a sweep along the left side.   This gorgeous freshwater pearl pendant is handcrafted with a wire sculpted Sterling Silver decorative bail.
The freshwater pearl pendant measures 1 3/4″ long, including the bail.

This pendant comes with a FREE satin necklace cord in your choice of color and length.  Please see the choices below to select the necklace cord you prefer.

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More about our Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater Pearls are grown primarily in man-made lakes and reservoirs.  Most of the brightly colored pearls you come across have been dyed; while the very white pearls have been bleached.   The very porous nature of nacre,  the lustrous outer coating of the pearl, absorbs dye readily.  Dyed pearls can fade with time and wear.  Be sure to store pearls flat, in a porous pouch.  Always be aware that colors may vary slightly due to the variables in your screen display.

These unusual clusters of pearls are termed “Baroque” because of their irregular, non-spherical shape.  It would be almost impossible to find two just alike for a pair of earrings. So we make them and enjoy them as pendants.

All wire work on the freshwater baroque pearl pendants is done by hand, using Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Filled wire.  Bales are large enough that most pendants will fit on our neck wires, on our sterling silver or stainless steel or 14K gold filled necklace chains (see Accessories).

Each Freshwater Pearl pendant comes with a satin necklace cord in your choice of size and color.  A necklace size chart is pictured below.  Our available sizes include:  16″, 18″, 20″, 24″ and 30″.


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