Beaded Bow Style Custom Climbing Vine Earrings


This is our best-selling style of Climbing Vine or Ear Sweep earrings – both online and at craft shows.  They are made with elegant White Swarovski Pearls, Sterling Silver wire and accent beads, and clear Swarovski faceted round beads.  They go wonderfully with wedding gowns but are classic enough to wear to any occasion.  
You can design your own…just choose your metal, select your stone or pearl color, and add a pair to your cart!  It is easy, and We’ll walk you through the process.

All of our Climbing Vine earrings come in pairs and are designed with a spring hinge (like a safety pin hinge) at the base to maintain tension and to prevent metal fatigue when putting them on or taking them off.

This is a medium long style.

All Climbing Vine earrings are available in your choice of sterling silver or 14k gold filled wire and accent beads, and in your choice of Swarovski pearl, crystal, or metal beads.

To order your ‘Vines with ALL gold or silver metal beads (no crystal or pearl beads), please select the “All 14k Gold Filled” or the “All Sterling Silver” option.  Otherwise, just select the basic metal color you prefer AND your bead color preference.

All our prices have sales tax already included.  Shipping is FREE!

Pierced or Non-pierced style?

You need to tell me if these vines will be worn on pierced ears or non-pierced ears. Non–pierced vine earrings have a flat loop at the end of the back wire to prevent the ear lobe

Metal Choice

This is where you tell me how you want your custom Climbing Vine earrings designed. Notice that several of the options add to the base cost of the Climbing Vines. (The more gold and silver…the higher the cost)

Bead Color Choice

Tell me what Swarovski color(s)s you want used when I make your custom ‘Vines. Please “click” on the above charts to choose your color(s).

Other Specific Directions

Any specific instructions… Example: If ordering mixed color vines, what color is the base (bigger) bead?


General Information about Climbing Vine earrings:

The Climbing Vine earrings (also known as ear crawlers, ear vines, crawler earrings and vine earrings) appear to climb up the curvature of the ear.  The earrings give the illusion of having multiple ear piercings, although they require only one hole (or no holes).  They are  extremely comfortable to wear – sometimes I forget I have them on.

After you receive your custom pair of Climbing Vine earrings, you can adjust (bend and shape) each earring to fit the natural curvature of your ear.

Climbing Vines Earrings are shipped with a simple instruction sheet detailing how to put them on, how to shape them to your ear, and how to keep them in the “up” position.


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