Custom Baby Bracelets (with names)


We offer custom  baby bracelets made with natural Mother of Pearl and Freshwater Pearl beads and sterling silver. (All of which are inherently lead-free).

The baby’s name is spelled out with flat, round, white plastic beads with black lettering,  like hospitals used years ago.  We will add a birthstone accent bead made from natural gemstone chips to each side of the baby’s name at no extra charge if you want it.

 All metal accent beads and clasps are Sterling Silver.

To order your custom Baby Bracelet, we need a little more information.  Please see below.

Child’s Name *

Please enter the baby’s name as you want it to appear on the bracelet. PLEASE double-check the spelling.

Bead choices

Choose which natural freshwater pearl or Mother of Pearl beads you prefer. We suggest the smaller pearls for very little babies or children with very long names; larger beads like the round, flat Mother of Pearl beads for larger children.

Bracelet Length

Please select the bracelet length option that most closely fits the child’s wrist size.

Custom Sizing or other information as needed

Birthstone Choices

Please Select the birthstone to represent the month you need

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To make sure we get an accurate fit for your child’s bracelet, please measure the child’s wrist with a soft tape measure at the bone, and add 1/2 to 3/4 inches.  We also have a  or baby bracelet length chart below which shows average sizes.   Consider how loose or tight fitting you want the bracelet to be.  Be sure you  allow for “growing room”.

We do not string our baby bracelets on elastic because we don’t want the child to be able to pull it off easily (and lose it or put it in their mouth).  We are, however concerned for safety, so our baby bracelets are strung on  7-strand nylon coated stainless steel bead stringing wire with a 15 pound break-point.

We use all sterling silver findings and accent beads.

All prices have sales tax included.


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