Custom Family Tree Pin


We custom design each Family Tree Pin with Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Filled wire and Swarovski crystal beads to represent the birthstones for members of your family.  We have provided a pricing schedule below showing the total cost of various sizes of tree pins.  A tree pin looks best with at least 6 or more branches.  You can choose to include or not include parents, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren.  The choice is yours.

As you will see in the chart below, pricing starts with a base cost of $32 for a 6 branch sterling silver tree.  Prices have sales tax already included, and shipping is FREE.  Youhave the option to add more branches to your tree and/or upgrade from a silver tree to a gold tree and add as many  branches as you need.  Additional Sterling Silver branches cost $3 each, and additional 14k Gold Filled branches cost $4 each.  The Swarovski Crystal birthstone is considered part of the branch.

Metal Type *

Do you want your Family Tree Pin made with Sterling Silver or with 14k Gold Filled wire?

Family Tree Pin Birthstones

Please indicate how many branches you will need in each birthstone color to represent your famly. The total should match the number of tree branches you are paying for in the chart below.

Add more branches to your tree

Select the box with the total number of tree branches you want on your tree. Make sure you are in the correct “metal” family for Silver or gold. The total you get below reflects the $32 base price for a silver tree with 6 branches plus any additional branches (beyond 6) and/or the upgrade to a gold tree. Remember you start the “adding” with an existing base of 6 branches included in the base price.


Tree Branch cost chart

This chart reflects the TOTAL price of the Tree Pin, starting with the base price of $32 for a 6 branch tree in Sterling Silver or $42 for a 6 branch tree in Gold.
Branches Sterling Silver 14k Gold Filled
6 $32.00 $42.00
7 $35.00 $46.00
8 $38.00 $50.00
9 $41.00 $54.00
10 $44.00 $58.00
11 $47.00 $62.00
12 $50.00 $66.00
13 $53.00 $70.00
14 $56.00 $74.00
15 $59.00 $78.00
16 $62.00 $82.00

If you need more than 16 branches in your Family Tree Pin, please contact me for pricing.

All prices have sales tax included.  Shipping is FREE!


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