Green Genuine Turquoise Pendant with Sterling Bail


This lovely pendant is by far the most “green” Turquoise pendant in the collection!  This lovely flat, round genuine turquoise pendant has a network of fine black matrix lines around the bottom and the outside edges.   The handcrafted curled Sterling Silver decorative bail adds a touch of elegance.
The pendant measures just over 1 1/4″ wide and is 2″ long, including the bail.

This pendant comes with a FREE satin necklace cord in your choice of color and length.  Please see the choices below to select the necklace cord you prefer.

Necklace Cord Color

Select the cord color you think will go best with this pendant.

Necklace Cord Length

Choose the necklace cord length you prefer to use with this pendant.


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 The turquoise in these pendants is stabilized .  Since I cannot prove otherwise, I assume there was color added at the time of stabilization.  Stabilized turquoise is a natural turquoise, but it does not hold a luster.  It is submerged into a stabilizing compound and dried, cut and prepared for jewelry. The turquoise has not been altered. The pores of the stone have been filled with a clear resin that prevents the stone from absorbing oils from your skin.  It is no longer “natural”, but it is still “genuine” turquoise.

The color of turquoise can vary from deep blue to deep green with every variation in between. Generally the more copper in the molecule, the bluer the turquoise. Iron in the stone makes it greener. More moisture will also cause turquoise to turn greener in color.

Any of my stones that are turquoise colored, but not true turquoise (dyed howlite or magnesite, “yellow turquoise” and “African turquoise”, for example) will be clearly named as such, and will not appear on my “Turquoise” page.

My wire work is all done by hand, using Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Filled wire.  Bails are large enough that these pendants will fit on most chains, or on our neck wires. (See Accessories) for our assortment of sterling silver, 14k gold filled, and stainless steel necklace chains  and our neck wires.

Each Turquoise pendant comes with a satin necklace cord in your choice of size and color.  A necklace size chart is pictured below.  Our available sizes include:  16″, 18″, 20″, 24″ and 30″.


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