Handcrafted Rounded Rectangle Coral Fused Glass Dichroic Pendant


This beautiful necklace has a, soft deep coral color fused glass pendant with a wide gold dichroic stripe down the middle, and a golden iridescent sheen across the entire top layer. The glass pendant is a rounded rectangle in shape.  The pendant is set with 14k Gold Filled wire that is laid into the outer edges of the pendant and locks in at the top with a decorative bail. (The iridescent  dichroic golden sheen on the top layer is hard to detect in this photo.)
The pendant measures 1 1/8″ wide and is 2 5/16″ long, including the bail.
You can choose a lovely gold neck wire for your pendant here.

Necklace Cord Color

Select the cord color you think will go best with this pendant.

Necklace Cord Length

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The Fused Glass pendants and Dichroic Glass pendants in this collection start out as three layers of hand cut glass pieces that are carefully assembled, stacked, loaded into a kiln, and slowly fired to a temperature of 1400 degrees.  This melts and “fuses” the glass layers together. Each pendant is a “one-of-a-kind” piece and cannot be duplicated.

This pendant contains Dichroic Glass, which is amazing to work with, and keeps me guessing, because I never know how the heat will change the glass or what the finished piece will look like until it comes out of the kiln.

Dichroic glass was developed over 100 years ago.  It has the unusual property of reflecting one color (when placed against a dark background), while transmitting another (when held up to the light).  Dichroic has a shimmering effect similar to the iridescence observed in an opal.  Quite simply, different colors can be viewed in dichroic glass by examining it at different angles.  The colors are brilliant, saturated wavelengths of light, making them exciting additions to jewelry.


Rather than relying on a “glue-on” bail, I chose to hand grind a groove into the outside edge of each shaped and fire polished piece of glass.  Then I inset a Sterling Silver or 14K Gold Filled wire tightly into the groove and finish it off with the decorative bail.  The glass piece is NOT coming out of that setting.

These pendants come with a free satin necklace cord, but they also look great on one of our neckwires.

Each kiln-fired glass pendant comes with a satin necklace cord in your choice of size and color.  A necklace size chart is pictured below.  Our available sizes include:  16″, 18″, 20″, 24″ and 30″.


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