Smooth Curved “V” Neckwire in Silver or Gold


This is a 2mm wide smoothly curved neckwire with a built-in “V” shape.  It is made for a 15″ neck, but is adjustable to fit larger necks.  There is also a  built-in shoulder/neckline curve to the neckwire which may need to be shaped to fit your own neckline.

To add your pendant, hold the neckwire facing you, and slide the pendant on with the back facing you…the pendant will flip over as it slides into the twisted gap at the bottom of the “V”.  This neckwire “locks in” the pendant so it cannot slide off during use.


Smooth “S” Neckwire Choices

You can choose the gold neckwire or the silver neckwire.


These neckwires are made of plated brass.  They are available in both Gold and Silver colors.  Other styles of neckwire are available here.


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