Stainless Steel 25mm Lotus Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace


Take your Essential Oils with you in this beautiful Stainless Steel “Field of Flowers”  essential oil diffuser necklace.  Put a drop of two of your favorite oil or oil blend on the felt pad inside the diffuser pendant, add the chain and a decorative beaded loop to match your outfit, and you are ready to go.  The felt pad will show through the scroll work in the diffuser pendant, so pick a pretty color to go with your beaded loops.

This 25 mm pendant has a magnetic closure that fastens on the right side of the locket.

The set includes one locket, one 24″ or 30″ Stainless Steel necklace chain , and your choice of TWO decorative beaded loops with two matching felt pads to go inside your diffuser pendant.
Want more decorative bead loops?  Just click here.

Bead Loop #1

Choose one of these colors for your 1st Beaded Loop and matching felt for your diffuser pendant.
You will choose your 2nd color under “Bead Loop #2 (that is in the next section down…)

Bead Loop #2

Choose one of these colors for your 2nd Beaded Loop and matching felt for your diffuser pendant.

Select Necklace Length Preferred

This is where you get to tell me which silver plated necklace chain you prefer with your pendant. There are photos of the two different chains above.


Choose two decorative loops from the colors available.  If you wish to purchase additional beaded loops and matching felt pads, they are available in “Accessories” .
The loops float freely on the chain and rest upon the top of the pendant.

You can cut your own inexpensive felt pads for this size locket by purchasing regular felt squares from a craft store or Wal-Mart (usually for less then fifty cents).  Just cut around a one of the two felt pads that come with your pendant,  and you will have the perfect, fresh insert for this diffuser pendant.  You could also draw a circle around a felt pad and to make your own paper pattern.

We recommend changing felt pads if you want a new color or if you are changing to a new fragrance/oil in your diffuser.

A Necklace Length Guide is below.


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