Turquoise Magnesite Flower Pendant Necklace


This unusual flower-shaped Turquoise Magnesite pendant has been dyed a bright turquoise color, with the creases accentuated in taupe.  The three-petal shape of this magnesite pendant is very attractive.  This setting has been sculpted in twisted Sterling Silver wire, with silver accent beads and a turquoise Swarovski crystal highlight.  Lovely to look at….delightful to wear.
This pendant measures 1 1/8″ wide at the base, and roughly 1 1/2″ high, including the bail.

This pendant comes with a FREE satin necklace cord in your choice of color and length.  Please see the chart below to select the necklace cord you prefer.


Necklace Cord Color

Select the cord color you think will go best with this pendant.

Necklace Cord Length

Choose the necklace cord length you prefer to use with this pendant.


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This is my “Naturals” collection.  The wire work is all done by hand, using Sterling Silver or 14k Gold Filled wire and accent beads, with a 4mm Swarovski crystal for a highlight.  Bales are large enough that these pendants will fit on most necklace chains and also on our neck wires (see Accessories).

“Naturals” are made from large, flat semi-precious gemstone beads.  The wire starts at the top with the bail, passes all the way through the stone, curls around at the bottom and travels back up to the top of the pendant, where it locks into place.  The stone cannot “fall out” because the wire passes all the way through the bead.

Each “Natural” pendant comes with a satin necklace cord in your choice of size and color.  A necklace size chart is pictured below.  Our available sizes include:  16″, 18″, 20″, 24″ and 30″.

For detailed information about this stone – where it is mined, the natural properties of the stone, etc. check out this link for Gemstone Information.


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