Our 2020 Arts and Craft Show Events

(We have applied and been accepted  for the shows in bold blue print.  Information on the shows in gray print is unconfirmed at this time.)

March 14

Elk Valley Spring Craft Show (We will not be there this year due to the Cookeville tornado)

Fayetteville, TN

May 1 – 2

Spring Heritage Festival   (Show Cancelled)

Townsend, TN

May 8 – 9

Strawberry Festival    (Show Cancelled)

Dayton, TN

May 23 – 24

Fairfield Glade Memorial Day Craft Show       (Show Cancelled)

Crossville, TN

June 6 – 7

 Lenoir City Arts and Crafts Festival   (Show Cancelled)

Lenoir City, TN

September 5 – 6

Fairfield Glade Labor Day Craft Show     (YES – still happening! )

Crossville, TN

September 6 – 7

Fall Fun Fest            (Show Cancelled)

Cookeville, TN

September 25 – 26

Fall Heritage Festival and Old Timer’s Day      (Show Cancelled)

Townsend, TN

October 10

Liberty Square          (Show is still on, but we are sick and under Covid quarantine and will not be there.)

Sparta, TN

October 17 – 18

Cleveland Apple Festival              (Show Cancelled)

Cleveland, TN

November 14 – 15

Elk Valley Christmas Craft Show            (Show Cancelled)

Fayetteville, TN

November 20 – 22

Santa’s Workshop         (Show Cancelled)

Cookeville, TN

November 27 – 28

Fairfield Glade Christmas Craft Show          (Show will be outdoors this year)

Crossville, TN

December 7

Fellowship Church Craft Show            (Show Cancelled)

Knoxville, TN